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Manufacturing Delivery Performance Improvement

Few things are as frustrating as calls from customers about behind-schedule deliveries.  Delivery Performance Improvement is a 2-day comprehensive and intensive training program that identifies the causes and corrective actions of manufacturing delinquencies.   


If your organization struggles with meeting production schedules, you need this training.  The course focuses on product, process, capacity, load, lead time, management, and supplier issues, and presents a logical, proven approach for rapidly eliminating the causes of delinquent delivery performance.  We've helped companies get back on schedule in the aerospace, defense, and commercial world, and our program is based on real-world experience and results.  We know how frustrating this situation is.  The good news is that these problems are fixable.


We will show you how to identify the dominant causes of poor delivery performance in your organization, and how to overcome these issues so you can routinely deliver your products on time. 


Our newest book, Manufacturing Delivery Performance Improvement, is now available.   We provide a copy for every participant in this exciting new program.  If you're struggling to get back on schedule, this book will help!

Course Materials

  • Manufacturing Delivery Performance Improvement (approximately 250 presentation charts and materials)

  • Case studies outlining real world delivery performance obstacles and how they were conquered in the aerospace, defense, and commercial business arenas.

  • Manufacturing Delivery Performance Improvement, 7P Publications.

If you're tired of buzzwords and programs that promise the world but do little or nothing to improve your manufacturing performance, this book and this training program are for you.  We will make a real difference in how your organization performs. 

Who Should Attend

Plant managers, manufacturing managers, supervisors, managers, purchasing personnel, manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, program managers, and others responsible for delivering manufactured goods on schedule will benefit greatly from this training.

Manufacturing Delivery Performance Improvement 

  • Manufacturing Delinquency CausesInadequate capacity. Poor production control. Poor productivity. Procurement shortfalls. Poor process yields. Organizational ambiguity.  

  • Key ConceptsCapacity versus load from machine, labor, and supplier perspectives.  Lead time and its relationship to capacity and load.  Booking under lead time considerations, and the lead time versus sales conflict.  Work-center-specific capacity-versus-load considerations.  Capacity-versus-load ongoing assessments.  Identifying bottlenecks. Standards, the importance of accurate standards, and establishing accurate standards. Using standards when bidding new work. Production scheduling. Group activity.  

  • Finding CapacityOvertime.  Lost time considerations.  Equipment upgrades. Utilization upgrades. Productivity upgrades. Reducing setup times.  Group activity.  

  • Production ControlProduction control definitions.  Planner functions and the planning process.  Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP).  Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP).   The relationship between planning skills and MRP/ERP.  Common work center scheduling problems and how to plan around them.  Suggested metrics for monitoring planning and production control effectiveness.  Group activity.   

  • Productivity ChallengesProductivity and efficiency definitions. Evaluating productivity. Signs of poor productivity.  Standards versus actuals.  MRP/ERP productivity assumptions.  Establishing standards and personal fatigue/delay factors.  The learning curve.  Machine utilization.  Delay ratio analyses.  Identifying and acting on productivity bottlenecks.  Measuring and acting on efficiency trends.  Visual manufacturing.  Productivity improvement recommendations.  Group activity.   

  • Supplier ChallengesTypical supplier content.  Fictitious issues.  Supplier selection and supplier rating systems.  Streamlining the requisition and purchase order process.  Monitoring planner and buyer performance.  Identifying supplier lead times, loads, and capacities.  Purchase order due dates versus production need dates.  Tracking unplaced purchase orders.  Recommended corrective actions.  Group activity.  

  • Process Yield ChallengesDesign and process robustness.  Factoring in yield.  Root cause failure analysis.  Implementing corrective and preventive actions.  Schedule recovery actions.  Group activity.   

  • Product Delivery ResponsibilitiesOrganizing along product versus process lines. Product mix issues.  Responsibility for addressing anomalies.  Product champions.   Focusing delivery responsibilities.  A suggested organizational structure.  Group activity.  

  • Metrics.  Meaningful manufacturing metrics.  Manufacturing metrics locations.  Group activity.  

  • Course Conclusion.   Wrap-up.  A suggested delivery performance improvement roadmap.  Course critique.

How You Will Learn

A seasoned consulting manufacturing executive/instructor will present this course in an interactive lecture and workshop format.

Along with the lectures, we use exercises, puzzles, case studies, and interesting group activities to enrich the instruction and emphasize the essential points.

You will receive a printed Participant Handbook that includes all materials presented in class, which will help you remember and retain what you learned and apply it on your job.

You will learn key manufacturing delivery performance improvement concepts from theoretical, practical, and organizational perspectives.  

Our Expertise

We're widely recognized experts in this field with real world experience.   You can't fix delivery performance improvement problems buy throwing money at software or the latest industry buzzwords, but you already know that.   Running a factory is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but it doesn't have to be as hard as what you are experiencing if you are behind schedule.   

We know the drill because we've personally managed factories and we've personally implemented and led successful turnarounds.  This training is driven by real experience earned the old-fashioned way - by doing it ourselves.  We know what works, what does not, and how to implement changes that make a real difference.  That's what the book and our training program address.   There's no fluff here.   This is the real deal, and your manufacturing staff will recognize that we speak from experience.

If you're living with a behind-schedule manufacturing situation, give us a call or shoot an email to us.  If you would like, we'll send you a list of questions and areas to start examining now (and we won't charge you for it).   You'll see from the questions that we know our business, you'll get a jump start on fixing your problems, and we'll help you get things moving in the right direction!

We've been all over the world helping manufacturers improve.  Would you like to see a few photos from our travels here and abroad?  Very few are work related; most are just some of the great local sights we get to see!  



The above training can be customized to meet your requirements.

Need a guest speaker for an important luncheon or dinner meeting?  Please contact us.

Any questions?  Please call us at 909 204 9984 or contact us via email.

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