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We strive to provide the best training in the world.  Here's what our clients tell us.

Gary Era, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation:  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting and guiding ESCO/EMAS to successful Certified Operator Training program and implementation. Your program met our requirements and in fact went beyond to determine several ancillary benefits related to improvement opportunities here at EMAS.  The staff and I were impressed and grateful for the way you integrated your efforts with ongoing production, which allowed us to continue our normal activities with little or no interruption. The EMAS team appreciates the in-depth process analysis and documentation you prepared, which greatly enhanced the training and made it meaningful to our operators.  EMAS shall realize substantial savings and quality improvements as a direct result of your assistance. Thanks again for your dedication and professionally-assisted training program.

Pat Harn, Vice President, Irvine Scientific:  The training you provided was extremely beneficial and suited our needs exactly.  We appreciated your hands-on approach and the application of the teaching to the resolution of long standing nonconformances in our organization.  The training directly meets our FDA and ISO 9001 process improvement requirements. Please be assured that we will use both your teaching and consultation services again as needs arise.


Bill Frank, Director, McDonnell Douglas Electronic Systems Company:  I would like to thank you for putting together and presenting the special class on Systems Failure Analysis.  The benefits from the class have met all our expectations.  Even though the class is not yet completed, we are seeing positive changes in the attitudes and approaches that the participants are taking to solve problems in their every day work.  I have had managers comment to me that they are impressed with the types of questions the engineers, who are taking this class, are now asking.


Amazia Gartner, Manager, TAAS:  The audience, consisting of Manufacturing, R&D, Quality Engineers, and Management, was very impressed by the material and the way the lecture was given.


Reza Ghavam, Engineering Manager, Sargent Fletcher Company:  I was most impressed by the training programís emphasis on merging the skills and talents of our engineers and those whom we support, and in particular, by the bridges built between my organization and the quality assurance and manufacturing groups.  The course materials were well-developed.  We found that the case studies based on real world defense systems failures were particularly interesting and educational.


Phil Baer, Director, Baxter Paramax:  We found that the course content and content were well suited to Paramax business needs.  The students, including myself, were impressed with your knowledge and presentation of the material.


Steve Wishek, Vice President and General Manager, Alfa Leisure:  To address leadership improvements in our manufacturing lead personnel, you created a training program unique to our requirements, in both English and Spanish.  This program exceeded our expectations and clearly communicated Alfa Leisure supervisory requirements to our lead personnel.

Student Comments:

"Course materials handed out are great!"

"The instructor was good.  He had us alert and hypnotized.  In my opinion he was great."

"I learned more about failure analysis from you than I have in my whole career."

"I liked the abundant use of specific examples illustrating the different points taught throughout the class.  The examples are "real world" and help get the point across.  The program was well-structured."

"Very applicable.  Can will start using these methods immediately (already have).  Great examples of similar situations to what we see here every day.  Best class I've had in the three years I've been here."

"I like using examples from our company that I was familiar with."

"I respect how much you have taught me."

"He is a very funny guy and a very good instructor.  I would take a class with him again."

"The examples given in the text and class help drive the concepts home.  Good job."

"The class was very straightforward.  Easy to understand.  Got to the point."

"The format and sequence were excellent.  All essays were dynamic and not boring."

"The program is very active, intense, and it covers a lot.  The manual is excellent."

"Everything was well-explained and organized.  All topics have applicability in the job.  Great topics" for problem solving and quality improvement.

"All the materials were interesting and applicable to our industry environment."

"Excellent class.  I could tell that you had a lot of practical hands-on background and experience."


The above training can be customized to meet your requirements.

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